A New Standard of Power and Clarity in Point Source Loudspeakers

Impressively Powerful, Stunningly Compact

The ULTRA-X40 breaks new ground in power-to-size performance, thanks to its ultra-efficient 3-channel Class D amplifier that provides peak output of 1,950 watts with a max sustained current draw of just 1.3 A (230 V AC). And, it delivers a linear peak SPL of 130.5 dB free-field at 1 meter measured with Meyer Sound M-Noise. All this in a speaker that’s just 12.5 by 22 by 14 inches and less than 55 pounds—20 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the UPA-1P.

Precision Concentric Driver Configuration

The ULTRA-X40 brings the technology breakthroughs in our flagship LEO Family line arrays to a versatile, compact loudspeaker. Its innovative concentric-driver configuration couples two 8-inch cone drivers to a rotatable waveguide surrounding a 3-inch high-frequency compression driver, to deliver smooth response across its entire range and directional control down to 400 Hz.

Broaden (Or Narrow) Your Horizons

Two horn options give you total flexibility in system design. The ULTRA-X40’s precisely-tuned, rotatable 110° x 50° Constant-Q horn delivers uniform response throughout its coverage area. Need more focused coverage? Choose the ULTRA-X42 variation, which offers a narrower 70° x 50° pattern.

Always On Point

The ULTRA-X40 brings new versatility to system design and deployment. It’s at home in any portable or installed application requiring predictable, controllable wide coverage, from concert halls and clubs to houses of worship, theatrical sound reinforcement, theme parks, stadiums, concert halls, and nightclubs. It’s perfect for frontfill and under balcony use and in portable A/V systems and small voice-reinforcement systems.

Ready for Rigging


If you can dream it, you can install it, with ULTRA-X40’s flexible rigging and mounting options. An integral handle can be used for portable applications or removed for permanent installation; 11 integral M8 points and an integral 35 mm pole-mount receptacle broaden the possibilities. Optional rigging accessories include an adjustable pole with M20 slug, a U-bracket, a yoke, a pinnable link on a channel for hanging multiple units from a single pick-up point, and cluster plates for versatile loudspeaker grouping.

It Meets Expectations, Every Time

Sophisticated DSP

The ULTRA-X40’s internal signal processing includes electronic crossover management, phase and frequency response correction filters, and driver protection circuitry. It all adds up to ultra-flat amplitude and phase response for exceptional impulse response and precise imaging.

System Status Is a Click Away

Don’t leave system management to chance: Optional RMS remote monitoring lets you keep a close eye on loudspeaker parameters from a Windows or Mac computer.

Power Up With Peace of Mind

ULTRA-X40 is equipped with Meyer Sound’s Intelligent AC, which auto-selects correct operating voltage, suppresses high-voltage transients, filters EMI, and provides soft-start power-up.

Whatever the Weather (Protection)

The ULTRA-X40’s trapezoidal enclosure is crafted from premium multi-ply birch with a finely textured finish. A powder-coated, perforated steel grille protects the driver elements. Full weather protection and custom color finishes are also available.

ULTRA-X40 Solutions


What’s amazing is you can go straight to a product like the ULTRA-X and realize that it can do all of this in such a small package, and it makes the set designer happy, it makes me happy, and it makes the audience happy. It ticks all the boxes.”

Peter Hylenski
Sound Designer, Moulin Rouge! The Musical


This year, we used the brand-new ULTRA-X40 point source loudspeakers with huge success. From a system engineers’ standpoint, the new ULTRAs were the perfect complement to each LEOPARD system. Tuning the out fill systems on both stages was quick and easy.”

Dave BrotmanPresident,
DBS Audio Systems, Inc.


The new ULTRA-X40 with the 750 subs is an amazing combination…for its size and weight, the ULTRA-X40 is an amazing box. I can see where it will be a game-changer for Meyer in small session rooms and the corporate world.”

James “Jimbo” Neal
General Manager, CenterStaging

Introducing the ULTRA-X40

The new point source loudspeaker, ULTRA-X40, has officially debuted at the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show. In this video, Meyer Sound’s Vice President and Chief Loudspeaker Designer Pablo Espinosa explains why Meyer Sound decided to make a “new point source for a new generation” and the ULTRA-X40 compact wide coverage loudspeaker’s special features, like the rotatable horn.

InfoComm 2019: Meyer Sound Showcases ULTRA-X40 Compact Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound Previews an Entirely New Point Source Loudspeaker Design at ISE

At ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, Meyer Sound is previewing the most innovative redesign of its point source loudspeakers since the introduction of self-powered systems more than two decades ago. Designated ULTRA-X40, the new loudspeaker series features a concentric driver configuration, new amplifier and processor technologies drawn from the LEO Family of line array loudspeakers, a rotatable horn, an extraordinary power-to-size/weight ratio, and a wide selection of versatile rigging options.

“The ULTRA-X40 is the first in a completely new generation of Meyer Sound point source loudspeakers,” remarks Meyer Sound Senior Vice President of Marketing John McMahon. “We are confident it will redefine the category of compact loudspeakers much as the UPA-1P did when it was first introduced back in the late-nineties. The ULTRA-X40 offers significant advantages across an exceptionally broad range of portable and installed applications.”

Drawing from the proven design approach of LEO Family loudspeakers, the ULTRA-X40 employs a concentric driver configuration with dual 8-inch neodymium magnet cone drivers coupled to a low-mid waveguide surrounding the single 3-inch diaphragm high-frequency compression driver. The 110° x 50° Constant-Q HF horn is easily field rotatable, and working in concert with the concentric design it ensures that the full bandwidth coverage pattern will be uniform with either horizontal or vertical orientation.

The ULTRA-X40 also incorporates a newly designed and highly efficient 3-channel class D amplifier that produces a total peak output power of 1950 W with very low power consumption thanks to its highly efficient design. The new amplifier design also contributes to a total system weight of only 55 pounds (25 kg), a reduction of more than 20 pounds relative to the UPA-1P.

Preliminary performance specifications include an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz, with linear peak SPL of 130.5 dB measured with M-Noise, free-field at 4 m and referred to 1 m. Highly refined signal processing with advanced phase alignment methods results in phase response of ± 45° from 100 Hz to 16 kHz. Another variant in the ULTRA-X40 family, the ULTRA-X42, offers the same performance but with the coverage pattern defined by a narrower 60° x 50° Constant-Q HF horn.

The rear-panel features a female XLR 3-pin input connector with a male loop output. The optional RMS remote system monitoring module provides comprehensive monitoring of loudspeaker parameters from a host computer running Compass software. In addition, the optional XLR 5-pin connectors version of the input board accommodates both balanced audio and RMS signals. AC line power is furnished via loop-through powerCON 20 connectors.

Housed in a premium multi-ply birch enclosure with textured finish, ULTRA-X40 loudspeakers measure 12.51 inches (318 mm) wide, 22.31 inches (567 mm) high and 14 inches (356 mm) deep. An integral handle for portable applications is standard, but it may be quickly removed for permanent installation. Flexible mounting and rigging is facilitated by 11 integral M8 points as well as an integral 35 mm pole mount receptacle with an M20 threaded insert socket for added stability.

Optional rigging accessories include a U-bracket, yoke, pick-up plates for horizontal or vertical orientation, and brackets for grouping in horizontal or vertical clusters. Full weather protection and custom color finishes are also available as options.

The ULTRA-X40 is the first in a completely new generation of Meyer Sound point source loudspeakers. We are confident it will redefine the category of compact loudspeakers much as the UPA-1P did when it was first introduced back in the late-nineties.”

John McMahonSenior
Vice President of Marketing

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