Televes Ellipse Antenna

Ellipse is an intelligent antenna that adapts automatically and in real time to the conditions signals are received. It has been designed to offer a stable and quality reception of DTT (UHF) signals, optimizing the rejection of the LTE band (up to channel 48) thanks to a SAW filter that offers great selectivity.
A new concept of DTT antenna that eliminates any interference even in the limits of the TV band, combining a break-through design in a 100% stainless mechanical frame that houses the new generation of Tforce electronics, featuring a revolutionary SAW filter.

RED compliant.

PSU included: intelligence is activated when the antenna is powered (according to reference).

  • The best antenna for range of DTT coverage: It receives the signal in multiple locations, whether the signal is strong or weak
  • Capable of adapting to ever-changing conditions for signal reception: It is constantly checking the signal and autoadjusting its gain in order to always provide the best output level possible
  • Eliminate any interference, even in the limits of the TV band: thank to its SAW filter (Surface Acoustic Wave), which performs a great selectivity, interferences are filtered, mainly the telephone LTE ones, respecting the last channel of the band
  • Mechanics completely immune to corrosion: Aluminium and fiberglass structure, stainless steel screws and reinforced ZAMAK clamp with an anticorrosive core
  • Innovative aerodynamic design: Unsurpassed aesthetics show a meticulous design and passion for details
  • Curves enhance reception: the concave surface created by the reflectors focus the signal on the dipole. The convex external side maximize screening and rejection against interference
  • Assembly process: Quick assembly in less than 30 seconds and all the installation is carried out with no tools required
  • A robust and permanent fastening system that avoids malfunctioning over time
Main features
  • Extremely lightweight and compact: it makes installation in challenging locations easier and offers lower wind resistance
  • The highest dynamic range: it allows the reception of a quality signal in a variety of situations, detecting very weak signals and avoiding overload with overly strong signals
  • Optimal C/N: the signal quality is always preserved thanks to a very low noise figure
  • Optimal gain: intelligence autoadjusts the gain to the optimal level
  • Special double-U dipole: it’s open/close format provides optimal frequency response flatness
  • A fully shielded switch box protects the BOSS system from impulsive noise; grounded for full protection against electrical discharge
  • Low consumption in intelligent mode
  • Made in Europe: Manufactured in a fully automated production and verification line that ensures the highest level of performance guarantee
king bandMHz 470 – 694 (CH.21 – CH.48)
 Mode Intelligent (BOSS ON)
 Gain dBi38±2
 Output levelAuto
 Noise figure dB2,5 (typ)
 Signal level of use (recommended) dBµV<75
 Powering voltage V12-24
 Consumption mA40 (max)
 Beamwidth º30
 F/B ratio dB>20
 Wind load N96 (@ 130 Km/h)
132 (@ 150 Km/h)
 Mast diameter mm20…50


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